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Boquillas, Mexico

The cluster of buildings on the ridge above the river is the
Mexican village of Boquillas del Carmen. Though separated
by fifty yards of water and an international boundary,
Boquillas has historical ties to the United States.

When lead, zinc, and a little silver were discovered in the
1880s in the nearby Sierra del Carmen, mining began as a
joint operation, with an ore-carrying aerial tramway linking
the two countries. Boquillas became a boomtown of more
than a thousand residents. After the ore vein played out in
1919, the village stayed on. Today, fewer than 150 people
live there.

Boquillas is a Mexican border town. For an international adventure, ferry
across the Rio Bravo del Norte (the Mexican name for the Rio Grande) and
hire a burro or stroll uphill into the village. Enjoy the different culture and
welcoming spirit of our neighbors.

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