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West Side Milling District

A New Kind of Community
Built on the Power of the Past

Its Elements

-A Park built upon the foundations
of mill ruins
-A landmark mill, stabilized as a
ruin, a place to explore and to enjoy
-An museum and visitor center with
classrooms and public programs
-Trails, scenic views, and
recreational opportunities
-The West River Parkway integrated
into the park
-Private development including
houseing and related business

Its Outcome

-A Place for people to live, work,
and play
-A place for people to gather, learn
and enjoy
-A park built upon historic resources
and stories
-A gateway to the river and a
riverfront frontyard for the city

Washburn A Mill Ruin
Work is underway to stabilize the ruin of
the National Landmark Washburn A Mill,
Damaged in a 1991 file. A museum and
visitor center will be built within the ruin.

New Housing
The North Star Woolen Mill and the
Utility Building are being adapted for loft
housing. New housing will be constructed
in between.

West River Parkway
(Great River Road)
The segment of the parkway through the
mills district will be designed as part of the
Mill Ruins Park.

Mill Ruins Park
Mill Ruins Park will become a gem in the
city's famous park system. Ruins of the old
mills will be excavated and adapted for
exploration. Visitors will be able to watch
archaeological digs, and tunnels will be
open for people to explore.

Canal and Gatehouse
As a later phase of the Mill Ruins Park, the
gatehouse will be reconstructed, allowing
water to flow into Mill Ruins Park.

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