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Downtown Santa Cruz
The coastal retreat of Santa Cruz, on the Monteray Bay, features 200-year-old streets and the only boardwalk amusement park on the west coast, surrounded by miles of cliff-lined beaches. The mild climate and abundant sunshine provide long hours for enjoying the sand and the waves. Drive along California Highway 1,
Cliff-lined beaches
where numerous trails lead to the beaches and the stunning views from the cliffs. Climb through the sea caves, cut through the cliffs by the pounding waves.

For solitude and a link to America's past, try the rustic streets of the Gold Rush town of Coultersville. In the 1800s American and emigrant prospectors combed the hills, finding millions

in the shiny precious metal. Today you can stay in the the same hotel, and shop at the same shops. UntraveledRoad's virtual world includes not only the streets of the town, but you can follow Greeley Hill Road into the Sierras to its connection with California 120 and from there into Yosemite Valley or across into the Mono Basin.

Needles' Route 66
Sitting on banks of the Colorado River, Needles is a water sports haven and a popular weekend getaway. Historic Route 66, passing through the city, adds that rustic charm to the downtown district, where many period motels and shops can be found. Outside the city, see the cactus in the solitude of the
Needles' Route 66
Mojave Desert, and the barren rocky mountains. Roads can be followed in our virtual world from Needles southward nearly to the Mexican border, and eastward into Arizona and the Black Mountains.

Other additions to the UntraveledRoad virtual world include the Grand Canyon's South Kaibab Trail, and the towns of Kingman in Arizona, Wells in Nevada, and Provo and Nephi in Utah.

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