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Hudspeth County lies in the Basin and Range region of western Texas, being the second most western county in the state. Barren plains of gravelly earth, scattered with creosote bushes cover most of it's 11,841 square miles, scattered with a few mountain ranges and many mesas and isolated peaks. Mountains are mostly rocky with little vegetation.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park lies at the northeast corner of the county, with just the western flanks of the mountains sitting on the county line. These angular mountain rise thousands of feet above the surrounding plains, with dramatic cliffs making a landmark visible for many miles.

Two agricultural areas are found in the county. The Rio Grande forming the county's southern border, farms have been developed in the lowlands along the river by the means of irrigation. Most of the county's population lives in this region. The other region is found in the basin of an ancient lake near the northern boundary of the county. The community of Dell is found here.

The Sierra Diablo range of mountains lie along the eastern border of the county. The eagle mountains are found in the southern tip, and the Quitman Mountains parallel the Rio Grande. The Hueco Mountains lie on northern portion of the western boundary.

Interstate 10 travels east-west through the southern part of Hudspeth County, while U.S. Highways 180 and 62 (a combined route) parallel it in the north. They are connected by State Highway 1111. State Highways 20 and 192 follow the RIo Grande.

The population of Hudspeth County was 3,44 people in the 2000 census. The per capita income indicates that it is one of the poorest counties in the United States. The county seat is at Sierra Blanca. The county is named after Claude Benton Hudspeth, a Texas state senator from El Paso.

On UntraveledRoad, the deserts along Interstate 10 can be seen at the railroad stop called Allamoore, along with views of the Quitman and Eagle Mountains.

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