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Black Hills

The Forest Awaits You!

"There ar emany great inserests on the
National Forests which sometimes
conflict a little. They must all be
made to fit into one another so that
the machine runs smoothly as a
whole. It is often necessary for one
man to give way a little here,
another a little there. But by giving
way a little at present they both
profit by it a great deal in the end.

National Forests exist today because
the people want them. To make them
accomplish the most good the people
themselves must make clear how they
want them run."
- Gifford Pinchot,
June 14, 1907
Founder and First Chief,
U.S. Forest Service

The Lakota Sioux Indians were the first to
name these dark forested hills Paha Sapa,
meaning "Hills that are Black." These sacred
hills, a spiritual center for the Sioux, are also
called Wamakaognaka E'cante -
"the heart of everything that is."

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