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Jackson County lies on the western border of Missouri and the suburbs of Kansas City fill most of the county. Kansas (the state) lies to the west. The Missouri River forms the northern border of the county. The terrain is hilly at about 1000 feet in elevation with lots of forests and farmland where urbanization hasn't taken over.

Jackson County is important in the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the Mormons). The prophet Joseph Smith designated the place as a modern day Zion or New Jerusalem in 1831, and members of the church flocked here and began buying up property with the goal of building a great city and place of gathering for the Latter-Day Saints. Non-Mormon settlers in the area objected to their plans, and gathered in mobs to drive them from the area, killing many.

Independence is the county seat. Kansas City extends into the northwest corner of the county. Numerous other towns lie in other parts of the county. The population was 674,158 in the 2010 census, having grown by 2.9% over the previous decade.

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The official website of Jackson County is at www.jacksongov.org See also the article in Wikipedia on Jackson County.

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