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Washington's Southern Tour

During his Southern tour of 1791, President George Washington
attended services at the original Christ Church on Sunday, May 15.
While in Savannah from May 12-15, Washington lodged at a house
on the corner of Barnard and State streets on St. James (now
Telfair) Square, dined at Brown's Coffeehouse with the Society of
the Cincinnati, toured the ruins of the Revolutionary earthworks
with General Lachlan McIntosh, was entertained at the Silk
Filature on Reynold's Square and attended a large public dinner.
After Sunday services, Washington dined with Catherine Greene
(widow of Nathanael Greene) at Mullberry Grove plantation north
of the city before departing for Augusta.

Erected by The Georgia Historical Society, The Society of the Cincinnati in
the State of Georgia, and The Sons of the Revolution in the State of Georgia.

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