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About U.S. Highway 60

U.S. Highway 60 runs a distance of 2.,670 miles from Quartzite, Arizona to Virginia Beach, Virginia, which is on the Atlantic Coast. The western terminus is actually at an interchange with Interstate 10 several miles east of Quartzite. Highway 60 was not originally a coast-to-coast route, like its number (a multiple of ten) implies, but from 1932 to 1966 it did extend to Los Angeles. The California section of the highway was replaced by Interstate 10.

U.S. Highway 60 passes through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Virginia.

Parts of older auto routes, the Midland Trail and the Atlantic and Pacific Highway were incorporated into U.S. Highway 60.

What to See along Highway 60

Our virtual tour includes U.S. Highway 60 from its western terminus in Arizona, to the town of Wenden, a distance of about thirty miles, and from near Springerville to Quemado, New Mexico, a distance of some fifty miles. Parts of old Highway 60 are also online at Quartzsite and Ehrenberg in Arizona, and Blythe, California, where Highway 60 was the main street (Hobsonway).

The Sonoran Desert

In western Arizona, Highway 60 crosses the northern tip of the Sonoran Deseret, a place where you can see saguaro cactus and other desert vegetation. The ground is littered with quartz and other interesting rocks and the area is a favorite with rock hunters.

The White Mountains

The White Mountains lie in eastern Arizona and reach to above 11,000 feet. U.S. Highway 60 passes along their northern edge.