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About U.S. Highway 20

U. S. Highway 20 begins in Boston, Massachusetts, and runs about 3,200 miles westward to Newport, Oregon. When the route was commissioned in 1926, it ended at the east entrance to Yellowstone National Park. In 1940 it was extended to Albany, Oregon, and the next year it was lengthened to reach the Pacific Coast at Newport. It traverses a total of 3237 miles. Technically, the highway does not have a designated route through Yellowstone National Park.

What to See along Highway 20

Yellowstone National Park

While Highway 20 does not have a designated route through Yellowstone National Park, it accesses the park at the east and west entrances. See the geysers, hot springs, mud pots and other thermal features, as well as beautiful mountain forests and alpine meadows.

Craters of the Moon National Monument

A recent (relatively) lava field and volcanic craters can be visited at Craters of the Moon National Monument, which sits immediately to the side of Highway 20. To the early discoverers of this area, the alien-looking landscape looked like moon.

Vale, Oregon

Vale, Oregon is of one the quintessential western towns founded along the Oregon Trail. The small size of the town has allowed it to preserve much of that heritage. A unique tradition of the town is the many murals depicting Oregon Trail scenes painted on the walls of many of its buildings.

Malheur River Valley

The Malheur River winds through the desolate volcanic hills of eastern oregon for many miles west of Vale. While the Oregon Trail took a different route, some early settlers attempted to follow the Malheur River, which proved disastrous for some of them.

Segments of Highway 20 Currently Available

About 162 miles of U.S. Highway 20 are available beginning at Riley, Oregon in Central Oregon, extending through the Harney Valley, down the Malheur River Valley, and reaching Nyssa, on the Idaho border. Numerous other shorter segments exist at the towns listed to the right..

For More Information

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