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About U.S. Highway 30

U.S. Highway 30 runs from the Atlantic coast in Atlantic City, New Jersey to the Pacific coast at Astoria, Oregon, a distance of 3073 miles. It is one of the original routes commissioned in 1926, and was the first route to be paved coast to coast, which was accomplished in 1935. A large length of it follows the old Lincoln Highway, and in the west, much of it also follows the Oregon Trail.

Large sections of highway 30 now share routes with Interstate routes. In Wyoming it follows Interstate 80 over half the way through the state. In Idaho it shares routes with Interstates 15 and 86, and then joins Interstate 84, following it most of the way to Portland. In many places the old alignments of the highway predating the freeway are still extant.

What to See along Highway 30

Hundreds of miles of current and old alignments of U.S. Highway 30 can be traveled on UntraveledRoad. The long section extends from the Interstate 80 interchange near Granger, Wyoming to McCammon, Idaho, a distance of about 186 miles. Beginning at Bliss, Idaho, it Highway 30 can be followed westward to where it joins Interstate 84, and then the old alignment can be followed from there to Mountain Home, about 47 miles. Two short segments can be traveled from Burley, Idaho for a few miles to the west and at Hagerman, Idaho.

The Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge begins at Portland and cuts through the Cascade Mountains for many miles to the east. A scenery of cliffs, waterfalls and dense vegetation surrounds this stunning scenic drive. Unfortunately it is not available on UntraveledRoad.

Fossil Butte National Monument

In the quiet deserts of Wyoming, Highway 30 passes Fossil Butte where bones of dinosaurs and other prehistoric fishes and animals have been discovered. Chicken Creek Road traverses the park's short length and trails access some of the fossil sites. The fossils are best viewed at the visitors center.

Historic Alignments

Three long stretches of Old Highway 30 are included on UntraveledRoad: eastward from Rupert, Idaho through the deserts along the Snake River ending at interchange with Interstate 86; from near Bliss, Idaho to Mountain Home, also in Idaho; and from Little America to Green River in Wyoming (now designated State Highway 374). Another short segment goes eastward from American Falls.

For More Information

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