Advertise on UntraveledRoad!

With hundreds of outdoors photographs to explore, UntraveledRoad provides an idea venue for advertisers in travel-related businesses. Better still, your ads can be targeted to just your local area, allowing you to focus your money on those who are interested in your specific niche. As viewers click through tours of your neighborhood, your message will be presented in a uncluttered group of ads prominently visible along the left edge of the page.

Along with selecting the geographical area, you can set a target number of impressions to display during the month. These will be distributed throughout the month. Ads are randomly positioned so that each will have equal opportunities to appear at the top of the list. Only impressions by real users are counted, excluding those done by web crawlers, other automated systems (and computers located at our offices).

Two pricing tiers have been established. Other than a group of important National Parks, all areas of UntraveledRoad are available at a CPM of $5.00. Inside of The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Zion and Mount Rushmore, the CPM is $10.00. You can run your ad in both high- and low-priced areas simultaneously and impressions will be counted at the corresponding rate, or you can choose to limit your ad to the lower priced areas.

Special Discount

If you would like to add a link to UntraveledRoad to your site, you can qualify for a 20% discount on your advertising. Just navigate to our main page for your area (city, county, park, etc) and choose the Link Creator. This will provide you with html which will include a randomly selected image.

Ad Formats

Currently ads may be provided in .GIF, .JPG and .PNG formats. We reserve the right to screen ads included on UntraveledRoad based on their appropriateness and professional appearance. Link destinations also must link to appropriate and relevant sites.

How to Sign Up

Please provide the following information and prepare an ad image 160 wide by 90 pixels tall. We will contact you by phone or email.

Your Name:John Doe
Business Name:John's Mountain Lodge
Phone Number:800-444-5555
Coverage Area(s):Teton NP, Teton, Park Counties WY
Target Impressions:(In thousands) 50 (=50,000/month)